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This website traffic review page will feature free traffic website reviews and paid traffic website reviews that we have used and in our opinion for personal use,either we would use again or will not use in the future of our website traffic promotions. Although some of our recommendations will be listed as affiliated traffic source,a great many we have used will not have affiliation links and are provided simply to inform other webmasters and product promoters about a source of traffic we have encountered and will either recommend or would not offer a recommendation to use the website traffic source mentioned. As this information about various website traffic sources will be an ongoing updated page source, we will be providing our personal experiences and will leave links to those sources for you to make your own decisions and choices of traffic sources. We simply will provide our personal choices and you will be free to use them to make your own website traffic findings and outcomes should you still want to try the sources we recommend or do not recommend using.

Use your own due diligence and your own research to find out more information about the sources we have listed and to find out if these sources are relevant for the type of business you own or operate and would want to use for your websites or blogs.We have listed and will update several sources of traffic to use for your websites or blogs as this information was requested,so to meet demand for other sources we decided to provide this page with more website traffic source reviews you may want to consider for your site promotions and affiliate marketing. Please feel free to use these source at your own free will and determination of the website traffic sources we have listed. We have been using several variations of website traffic and affiliate marketing promotions,and are currently reviewing sources of website traffic and backlinks and will reveal the results soon. Please be patient as our review process is thorough and can take up to several weeks to a few months (for some sources) for our traffic and backlink campaigns to fully complete. As stated,even if we do not recommend a traffic source,you are encouraged to use your own due diligence to make a personal determination about the traffic sources you use even if the source is recommended or not on this website traffic review page.We are providing our experiences with these sources for informational purposes as for you to review and consider.


This section below is website traffic reviews we have personally experienced and sources of traffic we do not recommend using- you are encouraged to use and perform your own due diligence,as your experiences with these traffic sources may be different than ours.

Please be advised that these sources we DO NOT recommend are from our personal experiences with these sources and you are free to make your own personal decisions at your own discretion.

In reviewing several sources of website traffic visitors, we have tried many different sources of paid traffic and will list the reasons WHY we do not recommend these sources for use- either for not being able to send the advertised traffic or for not being a professional and prompt admin of these traffic sources. In our experience, we do not buy traffic from sources that do not respond to or have the required correct responses to marketing questions concerning website visitor traffic. As stated, these traffic sources that are listed in the DO NOT recommend section of our page are from personal experiences and will include a short description of why we feel it's best not to use them. You are free to try and use the sources of traffic we DO NOT recommend at your own risk- we just provide our own personal experiences in dealing with various traffic we will not buy from or recommend for traffic generation reviews and website visitors.

1. Etraffic24/7.com Review

We do NOT recommend this source of traffic.
From personal experience, we tried this traffic source and was not satisfied with the results. We have Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adsense on our sites and after purchase of the traffic package we waited several days to review the results. We DID NOT RECEIVE THE PURCHASED TRAFFIC from this source- in fact, we didn't receive ANY traffic after purchase from this source. None of the traffic "etraffic24/7.com" advertised showed up on our site. After contacting the admin, they informed us they use " Impression Views" traffic. As stated, Google Adsense and Webmaster Tools are on the website and NO impressions were EVER recorded. If you do NOT have tracking on your sites, they will claim to send you traffic but after reviewing traffic stats, in reality, no traffic was ever sent to the websites. They have many RIPOFF REPORT.COM claims from many different marketers. We advise you look up the reviews before you ever try this traffic.

2. EtrafficSurge.com Review

We do NOT recommend this traffic source.
We purchased and reviewed the "$25 for a full year package traffic" from this source with 2 different websites ( to be fair with the review of traffic ) and was not satisfied with the results. They have indeed sent several thousand hits to our sites BUT the traffic seems to be all bot traffic. Several thousands hits but not one hit stayed on the site for over a second. All the visits hit the site then immediately left, meaning they were all bots and not real human visitors. We received no sales, no clicks, and not one visitor hit was tracked to be on site for over a second, which with or without adsense would not allow for sales or adsense revenue. For that reason alone, we do NOT recommend trying this service if you require real human visitors for sales and clicks to your sites. As stated, again this is our personal experience and you are encouraged to do your own due diligence when reviewing sources of traffic and you are free to use any we have listed on this page at your own discretion.

3. EZVisitors.com Review

We do NOT recommend this traffic source.
We attempted to purchase traffic from this source but had a few questions about the validity of the traffic prices and from which sources they used. We sent emails before purchase to ask if the traffic was real human visitors AND adsense safe. After 2 emails sent on friday, the admin states "we do not work on the weekends, please send emails during the week during work hours".
We then tried to ask the same questions again on Monday by email asking the simple traffic generation (4) questions and stating we are ready to buy traffic if they will only answer the "real human visitors and adsense safe or do you use autobot traffic? " after the weekend was over. The admin replied "WE ARE ON VACATION".
We then sent an email with just 3 questions about the traffic they offer and added " please, could you just answer our traffic questions, so we can buy some traffic from your site or are you going to send another reply stating you don't work after hours?"

1. Do you provide 100% actual real human traffic?
2. To be sure, your traffic offer is google adsense safe?
3. The prices are actual prices not sale or seasonal for the amount of visitors posted on the site? ( they advertise a package of 99 million bulk U.S. visitors for $5.99 ) which I found hard to believe it NOT being bot traffic, and being 100% real U.S. visitors.
the 4th question was asking to make sure I understood the meaning of "bulk U.S. visitors" thinking it was untargeted to my specific niche, or any particular niche for that matter.

Guess that's why they seem to have gotten offended by my asking pertinent website traffic questions.
Again, after quite some time, the admin replies
"F*** YOU A**HOLE"

we do not just buy traffic anymore, we now check that the support/admin is active and the traffic is real as advertised BEFORE we make traffic purchases due to being scammed and ripped off by past sources and this process of validating sources has been proven to save us hundreds if not thousands of dollars by pre-qualifying for fake bot traffic.
We never received the answers about if they use bots or real human visitors and provide adsense safe traffic sources. Only the admin's very rude reply that was VERY unprofessional. We decided that ANY admin who would reply like that to a potential customer is NOT reputable enough for us to work with- nevermind the very slow response time in replying to support tickets. We were quite shocked to receive that reply and for those reasons WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SOURCE. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND NON ACTIVE ADMIN TO SAY THE LEAST IN OUR OWN PERSONAL OPINION BUT YOU ARE FREE TO USE THIS SOURCE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION AND RISK.



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